Our environmentally friendly solutions

Storing renewable energy indefinitely and CO2-free

We offer a broad range of scalable energy storage solutions with added value for businesses and (semi-)public institutions. Our product design is compatible with existing infrastructure and enables a swift readiness for implementation. If the task is more complex, our engineers will find a solution. Our innovative LOHC technology allows renewable energy sources to meet base load requirements and enables our customers to store, release and transport power and heat anytime, anywhere.

Solutions for solar parks

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Photovoltaic power plants do not produce electricity at night or when the sky is heavily overcast. Other electricity suppliers have to step in.

Our LOHC energy storage solutions will provide solar power around the clock

Solutions for wind farms

Sometimes wind turbines deliver too much electricity, sometimes not enough. They often have to be turned away from the wind.

Our energy storage technology will provide for greater use of wind turbines, allowing wind power to meet base load requirements.

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Solutions for buildings

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A large proportion of the operating costs of a building are energy costs for electricity, heating, hot water and air conditioning.

By using our LOHC storage technology, energy is used more cleverly and costs are reduced. In addition this solution will improve the sustainability of commercial and residential buildings.

Solutions for hot regions

Drought threatens agriculture in regions where solar energy is available in large quantities. However, there is little electrical energy needed there due to a lack of industrialisation.

Our LOHC energy storage solutions will allow efficiently generated solar power to be stored and exported to industrialised countries. The heat energy generated as a by-product can be used to produce fresh water from salt water, allowing a stable and affordable drinking water supply to be established. The GET platform will allow the generated energy to be sold directly to end consumers around the world.


Solutions for municipal utilities

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The production of renewable energy is subject to strong fluctuations caused by the weather. This in turn threatens power grid stability.

Our energy storage technology will enable power grids to be stabilised, decentralised energy supplies to meet base load requirements with renewable energy sources, unprofitable reserve power plants to be shut down, as well as prolonged and expensive network upgrades to be bypassed.

Solutions for transporting energy

Renewable energy is often not produced where it is needed.

Our LOHC energy storage systems eliminates the need for expensive transmission networks. LOHC technology will allow stored energy to be transported to any location using existing infrastructure.

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Solutions for backup power without diesel

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Environmentally damaging diesel generators ensure the backup power supply in hospitals, industrial plants and office buildings.

Our LOHC generator solutions will provide a clean, reliable and uninterruptible power supply.

Solutions for supplying power without a grid

In areas with insufficient grid coverage (i.e. on islands or remote locations), environmentally harmful and unreliable diesel generators supply the required electricity.

With our photovoltaic LOHC solutions, solar energy will be used to generate clean electricity – day and night.

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Solutions for every kind of ship

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Ships are irreplaceable on oceans and rivers. But they are powered by diesel engines that emit significant amounts of CO2 and NOx.

Our retrofittable LOHC solutions will offer an emission-free, all-electric ship propulsion system. LOHC can be refueled like diesel and enough clean energy can be stored to cross oceans.

Solutions for rail transport

Many thousand miles of rail lines have not yet been electrified (e.g. roughly 40% in Germany) and are used by diesel engines.

Our LOHC energy storage technology will enable the trains to run without any emissions and to be quickly refueled.


Solution for e-mobility

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E-mobility has currently reached its limit in terms of range and charging times.

Our range extenders will allow power to be continuously generated whilst you are driving, therefore considerably increasing the range. 100-200 kWh of electrical energy bound in LOHC can be refueled in a few minutes – so you can continue with your journey.

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Solutions for power plants

Many countries still rely on conventional power plants (nuclear/coal), which endanger significantly our planet.

Our energy storage technology will make it possible to economically realise large, multi-redundant (solar) power plants in the Gigawatt (GW) range. GW power plants are the ideal solution for replacing nuclear/ fossil power plants.

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