Clean hydrogen for Utilities

Transformation of utilities will play an important role in the global decarbonization. Burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, they have historically emitted enormous amounts of Green House Gas (GHG) into the atmosphere. Today, however, utilities are seeking cost-effective ways to reduce emissions whilst maintaining service quality and reliability.

Rapidly replacing fossil fuels, primarily natural gas, with clean hydrogen to produce electricity, however, involves economic challenges and new technical solutions Blending up to 20% of clean hydrogen into the existing electrification process is an option that can, for example reduce carbon footprints, but far more needs to be done if real change is to become a reality. More hydrogen is, we believe, the best answer available.

H2-Enterprises’ provides industrial scale solutions for utility companies to help them achieve decarbonization targets. The company can provide clean hydrogen at a competitive cost and can store and transport it in H2-Enterprises’ Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC), an advanced technology, through which delivery and release can be effected whenever and wherever required. Hydrogen supplied to utilities can be used to produce clean electricity. Alternatively, clean hydrogen can be produced directly where it is needed, using H2-Enterprises’ Waste-to-Hydrogen technology.

With H2-Enterprises’ clean hydrogen solutions, utility company efforts to decarbonize their production have a real shot at making a substantial contribution to the fight to slow down and mitigate the worst effects of climate change.

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