Egypt: East Port Said Industrial Zone

H2-Enterprises Role:

H2-Enterprises will be developer and EPC for executing Waste-to-Hydrogen projects as well as operator of the plant, including waste pre-collection facilities and transportation from pre-collection facilities to the Waste-to-Hydrogen plant in East Port Said. H2-Enterprises will also manage the SPV which will be established for the project and manage selling of hydrogen and/or synfuels to worldwide off-takers.
Waste to Hydrogen

Egypt waste to hydrogen plant – world’s first and largest on this scale

lgPreliminary approval has been granted to H2-Enterprises by the General Authority for Suez Canal Economic Zone (SC°Zone) for the development of a 1GW LOHC Hydrogen Hub at East Port-Said which will be the first project of its type in the world. The hydrogen plant will be fed with 4 million tons of organic waste and non-recyclable plastic per year secured at the Mediterranean entrance to the canal.  The Suez Canal Project will produce 300,000 tons of green hydrogen per year at half the levelized cost of current green hydrogen production technologies, taking the cost even lower than current levels for low-carbon and grey hydrogen production.

Waste to Hydrogen
Waste to Hydrogen

Botswana: Shumba Energy

H2-Enterprises Role

The LOHC storage solutions will be delivered by H2-Enterprises and the LOHC will be produced from coal through the Fischer-Tropsch CTL process
shumba energy

The aim of the > 300 MW solar projects is to build scalable solar power plants in order to meet Botswana’s and South Africa’s immediate electricity demands and for the region’s long-term consumption.

ctl plant h2 industries

Rather than burn coal, we transform it into LOHC, a sustainable storage medium which can be recharged endlessly

shumba 300 solar

Alternative Coal-to-Liquid LOHC production processes

Alternative Coal to liquid lohc