H2 - Investment

Key to success: Investment into hydrogen projects

At H2-Enterprises we have dedicated all our activities to developing innovative systems to produce, store and transport clean hydrogen. With our technologies waste-to-hydrogen, flare-to-hydrogen, renewables-to-hydrogen, H2-Real Estate and H2-Maritime in combination with the hydrogen carrier solution LOHC, we provide a unique portfolio of solutions, suitable for many different applications and projects.

However, projects aiming at transitioning today’s energy sectors from fossil energy to clean hydrogen require public funding and private investment. With H2-Investments LLC, headquartered in Dubai/ United Arab Emirates we have created a dedicated investment vehicle for investing into clean hydrogen projects worldwide.

Our technologies, together with the investments of H2-Investments LLC and external investors, will pave the way towards a lower-carbon world. We want to make sure our planet stays as beautiful as it is and that investors investing in our projects can realize very attractive returns.

We invite public/government and private investors to share our vision to create the hydrogen world and to join our strategy to invest in hydrogen projects together with H2-Investments LLC and thus make a real contribution to the global energy transition.

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