Clean Hydrogen for Industries

Decarbonizing industrial scale processes is a key challenge in achieving global Net Zero targets. Such achievement is crucial if Climate Change is to be effectively addressed. Energy intense industries, like the steel, glass or cement industry, or the chemical and food industry, require large amounts of energy for production processes. Today, in many cases, much of the required energy used in these industries continues to be produced from fossil fuels, emitting large amounts of Green House Gas (GHG) into the atmosphere.


Rapidly replacing fossil fuels in different industries involves both economic challenges, due to the high costs of many current energy carrier solutions, as well as new technical solutions required by certain properties of hydrogen. Every industry, of course, has its own requirements and limitations, with regard to the use of hydrogen. Nevertheless, today, there is wide agreement that hydrogen will contribute as a viable pathway to the world’s industrial base shift away from fossil fuels and to the reduction of harmful emissions whilst maintaining service quality and reliability while fostering public health.


H2-Enterprises’ is in the business of providing large scale solutions for industrial producers to help achieve decarbonization targets. H2-Enterprises will provide clean hydrogen, at competitive costs, through its global network of production, as well as storage, delivery and release technologies based on the groups Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology, making hydrogen available when and where needed. Alternatively, H2-Enterprises can produce clean hydrogen right where it is needed, using Waste-to-Hydrogen technology.

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