H2-Enterprises Inc. is an Energy Company acting in the Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Sector as Project Developer, System Integrator, Component Producer and Supplier and Power Plant Operator.

H2-Enterprises’ history is going back to 2010 where commenced research for modular and scalable energy storage solutions started. 2011 H2-Industries AG based in Switzerland was founded as the first incorporation and the partnership with the University of Erlangen/Nuremberg, Germany to do common research and development on Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) began.

Since January 2016, the first powerful LOHC energy storage system is in place. H2-Industries SE was established in Munich and took over the entire business from H2-Industries AG to  focus on the engineering of cost-effective and secure LOHC energy storage  and transport solutions in industrial scale for many applications.

Up from 2020 H2-Industries Inc. the new New York based holding company is globally involved in developing utility-scale Waste-to-Hydrogen power plants converting previously non-recyclable plastics and other organic waste to CO2-free, quite affordable, safe and easily storable clean hydrogen for a wide range of applications and industries. Patents have been filed for the conversion of waste to hydrogen and LOHC dehydrogenation.

In 2022 H2-Industries has been developed a technological solution to use Flare Gas from oil producing operations as a highly valuable hydrocarbon feedstock to produce hydrogen – emission-free. Patents have been filed for the conversion of Flare Gas over methane pyrolysis to hydrogen and LOHC. Since December 2022 the Waste-to-Hydrogen and Flare-to-Hydrogen technology as well as the subsidiaries H2-Industries SE, H2-Maritime and Global Energy Trading are established under the new holding company H2-Enterprises Group Inc., based in New York.




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