Innovative energy storage with LOHC technology

H2-Industries products make renewable energy available 24/7 – they are safe, reliable and cost efficient.  H2-Industries products offer scalable energy storage and supply units, along with our LOHC tank system.

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eBLOCKs - the new energy supply


Worldwide Market Potential:

100 GW Re-use of Hydrogen

The H2STORE allows hydrogen, for example produced in the chemical industry, to be safely stored and transported, even over long distances and extended time frames, in the form of LOHC.

Worldwide Market Potential:

1 TW for steel production with hydrogen until 2030
hydrogen form lohc

H2RELEASE technology releases hydrogen from LOHC enabling the use of large quantities of hydrogen in many industries including, for example, steel production, while having the ability to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The supply of hydrogen for use in gas form hydrogen fuel stations can also be realized.



Worldwide Market Potential:

Up to 30TW to replace energy from coal fired power plants with renewable energy by 2030

e-store-electricity gernerated by wind farms

H2-Industries’s eSTORE uses electricity generated by wind farms and solar plants to produce hydrogen, via electrolyzers, and then, through its proprietary LOHC, allows it to be safely stored and transported where it needed.

Worldwide Market Potential:

Up to 10 TW to replace energy from coal fired power plants with renewable energy by 2030
e-release-releases hydrogen from lohc

H2-Industries’s eRELEASE technology releases hydrogen from LOHC. Using integrated solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), H2-Industries uses the hydrogen gas to generate CO2-free electricity and heat.


oBLOCKS – the new waste utilization

Worldwide Market Potential:

4 bn tons non-recyclable plastic waste worldwide
Plastikmüll und organische Reststoffe zu Wasserstoff

The oSTORE can recycle plastic and organic waste by converting it into hydrogen and then, storing it safely, easily transporting it, as needed, in existing infrastructure, e.g., the same trucks used to deliver diesel fuel, in LOHC. In other words, H2-Industries has the ability to transform plastic waste chocking our landfills, rivers and oceans into an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient energy source.



Worldwide Market Potential:

4 bn tons non-recyclable plastic waste worldwide
Plastikmüll und Müll zu Wasserstoff

The oH2 can recycle plastic and organic waste, turning it into hydrogen, making it available for downstream processes that consume hydrogen. For example, H2-Industries can supply the steel, glass and cement industries with hydrogen while reducing environmentally destructive emissions that often attend their current technologies. Coal Power Plants, moreover, and for example, can be retrofitted, converting them into hydrogen power plants.

Desalination of sea water and air-conditioning


Worldwide Market Potential:

950 bn m³ (cubic meter) fresh water for regions with water crisis until 2025

H2-Industries’s eDISTILLER can use the waste heat of the eSTORE, H2STORE and oSTORE for sea water desalination thus, potentially, contributing to the fresh water supply, especially where drought conditions persist.

Worldwide Market Potential:

2,000 TWh p.a. to globally convert air-conditioning to renewable energy

H2-Industries’s eCHILLERs are compatible with our eSTORE, H2STORE and oSTORE and enable the generation of cold over absorption refrigerating systems for air-conditioning applications including, for example, residential, commercial and industrial building complexes.


eSTORE RACK - the future Store-Racks

H2-Industries’s eSTORE product consists of racks, each with a power output of 60 kW. As a modular system, it can be scaled up to supply several gigawatts. Our eSTORE RACK products can be used with both large photovoltaic systems and wind farms, as well as other renewable energy producers. Due to its scalability, the system can provide virtually unlimited energy storage options. As a by-product of H2-Industries’s energy storage process, heat is produced.  That heat can be used to help convert salt water to drinking water, or for other beneficial purposes ranging from indoor heating or water heating, to air-conditioning.

eStore Rack 800px 1
eStore Rack frontal

eRELEASE RACK - the future Release-Racks

eRelease Rack frontal
eRelease Rack 800px 1

H2-Industries eRELEASE-RACKs are designed to convert large quantities of green hydrogen stored in LOHC back into electrical energy. This product line is based on 48 kW racks that can be combined to scale-up. Due to the almost unlimited scalability and the small installation space, the eRELEASE-RACKs are, for example, suitable for the electrical power supply of electrically powered ships. The world’s first motor yacht based on LOHC is currently being refitted from a diesel to a CO2 free hydrogen propulsion system based on LOHC.

eSTORAGE - the tank system

H2-Industries’s eSTORAGE products can only be used in combination with the eSTORE, oSTORE, H2RELEASE and eRELEASE products. We offer tank systems to accommodate LOHC volumes from 5 m³ to 4,000 m³. Such quantities of this energy carrier have energy generating capacities of between 5 MWh and 4,000 MWh.

LOHC - the energy carrier

H2-Industries’s energy storage solutions are based on LOHC. The hydrogen enters into a chemical bond with the proprietary carrier fluid and is later released from it. The carrier liquid is not burned in the processes and it can be enriched with hydrogen a virtually infinite number of times.