NOBISKRUG and H2-INDUSTRIES work together on the first all-electric motoryacht based on LOHC

Rendsburg/Munich – Germany, August 14th, 2018. NOBISKRUG and H2-INDUSTRIES work on a project to build the first all-electric motoryacht based on LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier). The two companies are implementing the advantages of the LOHC system

Nobiskrug and H2-Industries are driving this new technology forward that has the power to replace the current combustion engine. The project aims to develop and demonstrate solutions for all kind of vessels avoiding CO2 emissions by operating fully electrical without hydraulics or traditional Diesel fuel.

“We believe that hydrogen is the energy of the future, which can be stored in liquid LOHC oil – similar to Diesel. This technology is a break-through on the path towards a cleaner environment”, says Holger Kahl, Managing Director of Nobiskrug. LOHC is efficient, low flammable and non-explosive also when loaded with hydrogen.

The effectiveness of the LOHC system on a vessel is seen through a silent cruising due to the electric engine and most important of all: no CO2 and NOx emissions.

“This will be the first all-electric vessel based on the LOHC technology from H2-Industries with a range over 1,000 nm and a cruising speed of 10 kn”, says Michael Stusch, CEO and founder of H2– Industries. “We are very pleased to work with Nobiskrug, who has rolled out innovative technologies in the shipping industry before.”

In order to support the energy operation of the LOHC system solar panels will be installed on top of the vessel. Expandable panels will increase the PV power output while the vessel is on anchor.

“The necessity to radically reduce CO2 emissions will lead to finding a more sustainable replacement for the current carbon-based energy system. In this case hydrogen could be a significant energy vector”, says Kahl adding “With this in mind, we gladly took the opportunity to be part of this innovative project, which could turn out into a revolutionary new technology!”

About H2-Industries

H2-INDUSTRIES is an innovative Energy Storage Solution firm. The company was founded by entrepreneur Dipl.- Ing. Michael Stusch in 2010 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Production and R&D are located in the northern part of Germany.

The product range converts any (renewable) energy source to hydrogen and stores and releases the energy on demand. The central technology called LOHC (liquid organic hydrogen carrier) is a liquid that binds hydrogen through a chemical process, allowing the hydrogen storage without the need to freeze or pressure it. The storage capacity of energy solutions provided by H2-Industries is decoupled from the installed power of a unit, which allows to store unlimited amounts of energy at very low costs and emission free. H2-Industries offers an entire range of b2b and b2c energy storage solutions enabling businesses, home owners, and governments to manage renewable energy– from generation, storage, transportation all the way to consumption 24/7.

As an innovative provider of large scale energy storage solutions, H2-industries has a unique selling proposition in the growing market of renewable energy supply.


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Over more than a century of experience in shipbuilding, Nobiskrug has built around 750 vessels, having its current core business focused on the highly specialized construction of individually manufactured custom superyachts.

The shipyard can cover a building range from 60 to 426 meters, which is the maximum size of the dock available. Over 900 in -house employees work at the shipyard’s three facilities in Northern Germany, where they have developed and built numerous internationally award-winning superyachts. With the delivery of the “Sailing Yacht A”, the German shipyard once again confirmed their powerful presence among the leading superyacht builders.

Additionally, Nobiskrug provides repair and refit services at the same high quality either at the shipyard facilities in Northern Germany, in the state-of-the-art superyacht hall or in the Mediterranean Area with its flying squad and local partners.

Blending modern technology with traditional skills of German master craftsmen, Nobiskrug is entering a new era by building superyachts that will last for generations to come, in tune and ready to cruise into the 22nd century.


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