Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Gerlach

Advisory Board

Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Gerlach has been a member of the BoA of H2-Enterprises since 2022, providing technical advice as a leading specialist in rotary kiln technology, especially indirectly heated pyrolysis furnaces.

In 1999 he was the designer of the Contherm oven with a diameter of 2.8 m and a heated length of 20 m. In 2000 Gerlach built a pyrolysis plant for contaminated sewage sludge in the Yokohama Dockyard for a Cologne-based plant manufacturer. Further plant realizations followed for soil contaminated with dioxin (2001 in Japan and 2007 in the Czech Republic), lignite (2004 in the Philippines), and used tires (2009 in Cyprus).

He was also involved in the development of other circulate economy solutions for TetraPack, compounds and mixed waste. He also accompanied the operation of the MPA Burgau (until 2015) and BRZ Herne (until 2020).

Since 2018 he has been responsible for the Waste-2-Product projects at Akkodis as a Project Wizard / Technical Consultant.